Hello World

James Fenn |

A couple days ago I decided to fulfill my wish to try messing around with a static site generator like GatsbyJS or Jekyll. I also decided that this would be a good opportunity to make myself a blog for the purpose of documenting some more information about my projects that cannot easily be obtained from their GitHub repositories. I had previously considered using Ghost for this, but as I am in no position to host my own site, I wanted to stick to the static hosting provided by GitHub as much as possible. With this in mind, Jekyll seemed like the perfect choice.

In order to create this site, I took the lazy route of forking this project from a repository called Jekyll Now that instantly sets you up with a working, styled blog which you only need to edit the markdown files of in order to use. However, after messing around with it for a bit (I wanted to change the layout a bit and make it look like the rest of my site) I realized that much of the functionality and appeal of Jekyll Now was not going to be used, and I may have been better off setting it up from scratch to gain the "full experience". However, considering that it took me two days to get this far, I am a little glad that I didn't do that or it might have taken a lot longer.

While I do intend to populate this blog with a lot of things, I doubt that I will post anywhere near what some might define as frequently. Instead, I might post whenever I start a new project or make a significant change to a current one, which is actually quite frequent. Regardless, this blog will continue to exist for a while. I do wish to try some other site generators as well, but I will likely put them to use for a different project I am considering instead. I realize that I am rambling. I am currently in the UK, where it is 23:35 and if I were a normal person I would probably be asleep. Since now that I think of it my keyboard is actually quite loud, I will end this post here. Toodles.