Most of my music is available under a CC BY-NC license, which means you're free to use it in any of your projects, as long as you credit me and any other artists in some form.

Huge thanks to Xenophorium and What Has Ben Done!? for helping me out on a few of these projects - be sure to check out their music as well!

I'm also open to commissions - feel free to contact me if you have a project in mind!

Assorted Futilities

A bunch of separate experiments that have zero consistency, but include some neat synth sounds.


Jumpy industrial tracks with some crispy synth distortion, featuring @crutchcorn's VTuber avatar named 'Crunch'.


A collection of (mostly) calm ambient tunes.


A few small tracks with fun sounds! I tried to make each project sound like a particular food... with varying levels of success.

Cold mug of coffee

A small exploration into ambient music. I had a cold mug of coffee on my desk, hence the name.


Some strong dystopian themes with excessive distortion and reverb, reminiscent of industrial metal.


An exploratory collection of unsettling synth noises and fun piano melodies.