Paragraphical Expander

This app will help you to fill the minimum length requirement of your essay.

This app, Paragraphical Expander, was originally devised and created on 6/4/2015. With the help of google+ and stackoverflow users, the first full working apk file was made on 6/5/2015, less than two months after the developer (me, James) had first downloaded android studio. The app works by inserting an extra space between every word you type. While it is much easier to simply put two spaces while typing it, some people, like me, will forget, and this app will be very useful to them to improve the speed and looks of their essay.
As with all my other current applications, this app is and will remain ad-free and with no requests for donations or "pay to unlock this feature" popups. All I ask is that you provide some feedback about what I can do to improve your experience with this app.

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