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The purpose of this was to create a real-time tracking of port authority of Pittsburgh, PA, using the realtime API given by Port Authority on top of the Google Maps API.


  • Buses Run at Realtime
  • shows ETAs of buses to stops and stops to buses
  • shows stop markers above a certain zoom
  • ListView saves via sharedpreferences
  • polylines added via Asynctask
  • multiple polylines connected to each other
  • uses xml to read and write via XmlPullParser


API limitations:

  • the buses don’t update until after 10+ seconds. Our app only updates every 10 seconds
  • There are only a couple buses offered publicly. We promise to get updates to the new buses as soon as possible!

#Android Development

Please refer to the Documentation for instructions to install and use the project. You may have to scroll down to the bottom and please read the headers before we make a wiki.

Before running the program, you must request to get the PortAuthorityAPI class and email one of the main contributors. The instructions are in the LICENSE file.

This will be done using Android Studio 1.0 as of 12-09-2014.

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