I'm a person.

I am currently in my freshman year of college at the University of Pittsburgh, where I plan to study computer science. In my free time, I mostly make Android stuff and websites, but also design things and even occasionally write PHP. Nearly everything that I make is open source under some form of license (my preference is the Apache 2.0), and I usually accept PRs on all of my projects unless stated otherwise.

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See my work.

You can find most of my projects here. I've also worked on a couple projects in some organizations:

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Android Apps

A simple alarm clock focused on design, readability, and internet radio.

AP Reader
A small app that displays Android Police articles without waiting for the website to load.

A live wallpaper that blurs the screen after a period of time without any actions.

Battery Alert
Makes your phone vibrate a lot once it discharges to a specified level.

The only storage saving app that actually works! :D

A basic "news reader" that sorts posts from various RSS feeds into categories.

Hack NA Notes
A small sample project created for a workshop at HackNA.

List Launcher
A launcher that shows apps in a scrollable layout.

Media Notification
Slightly unstable attempt to replace all media notifications with Android O styled copies.

Metronome Android
A lightweight, well designed metronome app for Android.

Monkey Tester
Determines whether a user is a monkey, a goat, or both, based on values obtained from android's ActivityManager and UserManager.

Pasta for Spotify
A material design Spotify client for Android

Plus Viewer
A basic google plus client using a WebView

Port Authority Complaint Reporter
A small application to make it easier for riders to report issues to the Pittsburgh Port Authority bus system.

Make it rain! Or um... snow.

A no-root status bar replacement for Android.

Wear Locker
A basic lock screen that prevents accidental touches on Android Wear 2.0.

Android Libraries

Adaptive Icon View
A library to allow easy implementation of pre-Oreo adaptive icon support in Android launchers.

A lightweight "about screen" library to allow quick but customizable attribution in Android apps.

A library with a large amount of themable styled buttons.

Color Picker Dialog
A simple dialog making it quick and easy to add color picking functionality to any app.

An easy to use crash reporting library for Android.

Palette Getter
A library that can get the color scheme of any app.

Radial Layout
A scrollable-ish view that arranges images in circles extending from the center of the screen.

Signal Strengths
A library and sample application with the purpose of getting an accurate signal strength on different Android phones.

Wear Color Picker
A lightweight color picker library for Android Wear.

Android Games

A simple Android game based on avoiding incoming asteroids

A monochromatic pixelated adventure game.

A basic tap-to-fly game experimenting with view animation.

NodeJS Projects

A command line tool to display images in ASCII.

A simple password generator made in my free time. It's probably safe to use. I think.


Keyboard Oscillator
Small website that turns your keyboard into a weird synth thingy.

A lightweight metronome web app.

A collection of my piano compositions and other music-related projects.

Stuff I made messing around with p5js in my free time.

Scrolling urls, a.k.a. the second worst website I've ever made.

A simple website that makes a table/graph from a function.

The Android Master.github.io
My personal website.


I'm great and all, but these people are also pretty great. They probably helped me out with something at some point in time, or maybe I just find their projects interesting.
Go check out some of their work!

Alex Dueppen
I make cool stuff sometimes

Aidan Follestad
23. SDX/Android Software Engineer @square. Full stack programmer (Android, web, backend). Motorcycle rider. PC/PS4 Gamer. Rock/metal music.

Akshath Jain
Android Developer. AI Creator. Avid Netflix Watcher.

Alexandre Piveteau
Student in Computer Science @ETHZ. Consulting @ Taktil GmbH

Alex Lionne
This is a person.

Andrew Quebe
Android/Web Developer | Freshman at IVC | Passionate about everything Tech | Occasional Photographer

Artem Russakovskii
http://www.androidpolice.com http://www.apkmirror.com http://beerpla.net

Arz Bhatia
This space is intentionally left blank. Contact to advertise.

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Aniket Bhattacharyea
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Chiu-Ki Chan
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Charles Lee
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This is a person.

Corbin Crutchley
Kinda like the man in the yellow hat; only without a hat, or monkey, or really any other resemblance to the man.

peter soboyejo
17 // code, skate, cars, and books.

Jeremy Jao
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Erik Boesen
Research Assistant at MIT Marine Autonomy Lab. President & Programming Captain of @frc1418. IB Senior at GMHS. Neural network nerd.

Heinrich Reimer
Passionate Android developer.

Héctor de Isidro
Android @ LolaMarket •

Ikey Doherty
Hippy At The Helm @ Solus

Jackson Hayes
Cinematographer & Web Developer // http://jacksonhayes.xyz // [email protected]

Jahir Fiquitiva
Colombian 🇨🇴 Passionate + Creative Developer 👨🏻‍💻 Remote Mobile Dev @ Vezio, Inc.

Jake Wharton
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Jan-Lukas Else
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Jonas Drotleff
I and me are always too deep in conversation. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Justin Kruit
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Kosh Sergani
I'm a Networking by education & Android developer by choice.

Karim Abou Zeid
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Kartik Arora
Developer | Drummer | Tech Geek | F1 Enthusiast

Kutsan Kaplan
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lyra messier
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Android engineer at adesso mobile solutions. Developer of Imagine for Instagram.

Maximilian Keppeler
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Mike Penz
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Sasi Kanth
Android and iOS developer @eruvakatech

Marlon Jones
Programmer, Graphic Designer, and Artist. Co-Founder of @doubledotlabs, and UAB CS/Art Studio student.

Patrick Jung
Linux, Android and Open-Source enthusiast.

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Riccardo Busetti
Student, Software Developer & Youtuber from Italy. Also known as GoogolGuy on YouTube.

Rick Clephas
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Saket Narayan
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Thanos Psaridis (Fisherman)
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Chris Bravata
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Tijmen Ennik
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Tim Bremer
Now on GitLab -> https://gitlab.com/timbremer

Linus Torvalds
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This is a person.

Philippe Loctaux
17 // sleep, eat, code, repeat

Zac Littleberry
I focus on nonprofit, opensource, web based software and develop on Linux. Available for DM on twitter. No mass solicitation pls.

This is a person.

Vukašin Anđelković
This is a person.

Me, myself, and I

Well, since you must have clicked on a link to the "about" section of my website at some point, that must mean you are genuinely interested in knowing more about me. Gosh, I'm flattered. Well, a bit of history then.

I have always been interested in technology for as long as I can remember. I still have vague memories of watching videos of the humanoid Honda ASIMO robot in awe, back when I was in elementary school, wondering how it worked. I tried to attend a few classes on "coding", but I didn't gain as much from them as I would have liked, mainly because... I can't think of any other way to say this... they were boring. So many programs exist to try and teach middle schools to use scratch or python, claiming that "coding is easy!", and "anyone can write code!", but they couldn't be farther from the truth. Following instructions to make a program that says "Hello World" is easy, but it doesn't teach you anything and doesn't provide any form of an interesting result. Now, I'm not saying that all programming classes are fundamentally flawed - there are quite a few that I have since attended that were quite informative - but nothing like that was available to me at the time. The problem with following instructions when you first start programming is that there are no problems. Since you're following instructions that have already been tried and tested, you know that everything will work properly. There is no design process - testing, problem solving, and finding solutions are all skipped over. So while I did know the basics of python in middle school, I didn't make anything with it. It seemed pointless to me.

I got my first Android device (The Great Samsung Galaxy S2) when I was 13, and started making my first app on it a little over a year later. Because I was a lazy idiot, my first few projects consisted entirely of a WebView linked to a Google Sites page, but I quickly realized the limitations of this method. During the summer break of 2015, I spent hours every day scouring Stack Overflow for examples of how make an android app perform various tasks. This was especially difficult as I had no prior knowledge of the Java language and I'm pretty sure that I didn't even know I was writing Java for the first couple months. My first project was a basic app that took a paragraph as input, and make it 'bigger' by replacing words with longer phrases and/or doubling the amount of spaces between words and sentences in the document. It wasn't long after I finished this that I got my Google Play account and started working on a new app to display a collection of wallpapers made by people I had met on Google Plus.

That app has since been unpublished because it was a complete abomination with the worst code style I have ever seen in my life, and is currently collecting dust at the bottom of my GitHub profile. While making it, however, I managed to improve the app's UX a great deal and learnt a lot about consumer-focused design, making the app's functionality both easy for new users to understand and fast enough for existing users to navigate without feeling like they're wasting time.

Well, that's about all I can think of for an informal description of myself. Ever since I learnt to make Android apps, I've been bouncing around between lots of different types of projects. Some are intended for regular consumers, some for people obsessed with customization, and even a few for other developers like me.

I am currently in my freshman year of college at the University of Pittsburgh trying to figure out what on earth I want to do with my life. That said, I'm still hopelessly addicted to programming, and will keep making anything and everything I can think of in my free time.

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