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Type: public abstract class BaseGameActivity extends AppCompatActivity

Example base class for games. This implementation takes care of setting up the API client object and managing its lifecycle. Subclasses only need to override the @link{#onSignInSucceeded} and @link{#onSignInFailed} abstract methods. To initiate the sign-in flow when the user clicks the sign-in button, subclasses should call @link{#beginUserInitiatedSignIn}. By default, this class only instantiates the GoogleApiClient object. If the PlusClient is also wanted, call the BaseGameActivity(int) constructor and specify the requested clients. For example, to request PlusClient and GamesClient, use BaseGameActivity(CLIENT_GAMES | CLIENT_PLUS). To request all available clients, use BaseGameActivity(CLIENT_ALL). Alternatively, you can also specify the requested clients via

gets called, otherwise the call will have no effect.

Name: Bruno Oliveira (Google)


Type: protected

Constructs a BaseGameActivity with default client (GamesClient).


Type: protected

Constructs a BaseGameActivity with the requested clients.

Parameter Name Description
requestedClients The requested clients (a combination of CLIENT_GAMES, CLIENT_PLUS).


Type: protected void

Sets the requested clients. The preferred way to set the requested clients is via the constructor, but this method is available if for some reason your code cannot do this in the constructor. This must be called before onCreate or getGameHelper() in order to have any effect. If called after onCreate()/getGameHelper(), this method is a no-op.

Parameter Name Description
requestedClients A combination of the flags CLIENT_GAMES, CLIENT_PLUS or CLIENT_ALL to request all available clients.