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Type: public void

Set whether the drawer should generate its own asteroids at a set interval.

Parameter Name Description
shouldMakeAsteroids Whether the drawer should generate its own asteroids.


Type: public void

Make a new asteroid. Like magic.


Type: public int

Returned Value: The amount of asteroids currently visible on the screen.


Type: public AsteroidData

Determine if there is an asteroid intersecting the given position on the canvas; if so, return it.

Parameter Name Description
position The position Rect to check if an asteroid intersects.

Returned Value: The AsteroidData if it intersects the given position; null if there is nothing there.


Type: public void

Destroy a given asteroid; generate an explosion of particles in its place.

Parameter Name Description
asteroid The asteroid to obliterate. Kaboom! Kablowie! Kapow! Badabadoosh!