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App Wedge

The AppWedge displays the app icon, name, version, and links to the project sites in a centered layout. By default, the icon and app name are fetched from your app’s AndroidManifest.xml, and all other information is fetched from the GitHub API if the repo attribute has been specified.


    description="Attribouter is a library that does things."
    websiteUrl="https://jfenn.me/Attribouter/" />


Attribute Type Description
repo String (name/repository) The github repository to fetch data from.
icon String (URL) / Drawable Resource The app icon to display.
description String / String Resource A short description of the app/project.
playStoreUrl String / String Resource (URL) The URL of the app on the Play Store (generated from the package name by default).
websiteUrl String / String Resource (URL) The website of the project.
gitHubUrl String / String Resource (URL) The URL for the open source GitHub project. You do not need to define this if it is the same as repo.

The links that are automatically created by this wedge are as follows. See LinkWedge for more information.

ID Description Required Attributes
github The github repository of the project. repo or gitHubUrl
website The website of the project. repo (if the repo has a website assigned) or websiteUrl
playStore A ‘rate’ button that opens the app in the play store. playStoreUrl or repo (if the repository url is the play store url)