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Contributor Wedge

The ContributorWedge displays a set of information about a person in a small layout. If the bio attribute is defined, a dialog will appear upon interaction displaying more information, such as… um… their biography… and links. If it is not defined, it will open the highest priority LinkWedge child instead.


    name="James Fenn"
    bio="An idiot."
    position="1" />


Attribute Type Description
login String The GitHub username/login of the contributor (especially useful for overriding specific attributes of certain contributors.
name String / String Resource The name of the contributor.
avatar String (URL) / Drawable Resource The “profile picture” of the contributor.
task String / String Resource A short phrase describing the contributor’s role in the project (“Icon Designer”, “Founder”, etc).
bio String / String Resource The biography of the contributor.
blog String / String Resource (URL) The contributor’s website.
email String / String Resource The email of the contributor.
position Integer If this attribute is given to three contributors with values between 1 and 3 (one each), they will be displayed in a row at the top of the list (1 in the middle, slightly bigger, 2 on the left, 3 on the right).
hidden Boolean Whether to remove the contributor from the list. This is only really useful if you want to remove certain contributors that are fetched from GitHub. Default value is ‘false’, obviously.

The links that are automatically created by this wedge are as follows. See LinkWedge for more information.

ID Description Required Attributes
github The github profile of the contributor. login
website The website of the contributor. blog or login (if the user has a blog defined on their GitHub profile)
email The email of the contributor. email or login (if the user has a public email on their GitHub profile)