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Contributors Wedge

A ContributorsWedge displays a list of child ContributorWedges under a title, sorted by their position attributes. If the repo attribute is specified, this list will be merged with contributors from GitHub. If the showDefaults attribute is unspecified or true, it will also merge it with contributors to this repository.

If a user with the login “TheAndroidMaster” is both in GitHub and the configuration file, its attributes will be merged so that any attributes beginning with a “^” character will override the information from GitHub, and any attributes not beginning with a “^” character will be used while the GitHub information is loading, or if the information from GitHub is not present or unavailable. See “Overriding Resources and Providing Translations” for more information on how merges work.


        title="Library Developers"
        overflow="-1" >
    <!-- contributors -->


Attribute Type Description
repo String (name/repository) The GitHub repository to fetch contributors from.
title String / String Resource The title to show above the contributors (defaults to @string/title_attribouter_contributors / “Contributors”).
overflow Integer (>= -1) The maximum number of contributors to display in the list. Additional contributors are displayed in a dialog. If the number is 0, the entire list is replaced with a button titled “View %s” (‘%s’ being the title attribute). If the number is -1, all of the contributors are displayed.
showDefaults Boolean Whether or not to show the default contributors in this list (me and the contributors to this repository).