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The Markdown to Jupyter Conversion tool (MTJC) is a fairly simple script that converts a markdown file with code blocks to the JSON format used by Jupyter to create Notebooks.

MTJC separates the provided markdown file into “cells”, looking for headers and code blocks to split the content at. Each header and any following text, list, or whatever will be placed in the same block until either another header or a code block (“```”) is encountered.

When a code block is encountered, it writes the code to a file in .temp (relative to the folder it is run in), passes it to the relevant program to run, and stores the result.

For demonstration purposes, here is a sample markdown file and the notebook output from the program as a result.



Assuming that you have already installed npm, in the command line, type either one of the following:


npm install -g mtjc

From Source

git clone
cd MarkdownToJupyter
npm install


mtjc <>

Or, to specify a path for the output file…

mtjc <> <output.ipynb>

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