A script that generates markdown javadocs for use in Jekyll and GitHub Pages.

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Markdown Javadoc is a script that generates markdown javadocs primarily for use in Jekyll and GitHub Pages. It consists of two modules, an API and CLI. If you simply want to generate a set of javadocs in markdown without any scripting, the CLI provides a simple interface with a decent amount of options. If you have a more complex use case, however, it might be more beneficial to look into the API first.


These are generic installation instructions that are fairly similar for both the API and CLI.


npm install -g mdjavadoc

From Source

git clone
cd mdjavadoc/cli
npm install
sudo npm link

For specific usage instructions, see the README for the API or CLI components.


The program works by searching a set of files for javadoc comments, parsing them into a data structure containing the description, tags, and metadata, and then outputting that data into a set of markdown files. For example, a file containing a javadoc comment like the one below would yield the following structure and output...

 * This is a method which does a thing with something and stuff.
 * @param something		This is something.
 * @param stuff			This is a bunch of stuff.
 * @return			A thing.
public static Object doTheThing(int something, String[] stuff) {
	return null;
    name: "doTheThing",
    description: "This is a method which does a thing with something and stuff.",
    type: ["public", "static", "void"],
    source: "/package/structure/",
    param: [
        content: "@param something\tThis is something.",
        template: ["Parameter Name", "Description"],
        values: ["something", "This is something."]
        content: "@param stuff\t\tThis is a bunch of stuff.",
        template: ["Parameter Name", "Description"],
        values: ["stuff", "This is a bunch of stuff."]
    return: [
        content: "@return\t\tA thing.",
        template: ["Returned Value"],
        values: ["A thing."]
## [doTheThing](../blob/master/package/structure/

**Type:** `public` `static` `void`

This is a method which does a thing with something and stuff.

|Parameter Name|Description|
|something|This is something.|
|stuff|This is a bunch of stuff.|

**Returned Value:** A thing.


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