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Android Versions

Android Oreo (8.0+)

Status is listed as incompatible with Android Oreo and above due to a variety of problems detailed in issue #87. These mostly consist of the system status bar being drawn over all of Status’s overlays as a result of the migration from TYPE_SYSTEM_OVERLAY to TYPE_APPLICATION_OVERLAY, creating situations such as the screenshot below:

A picture of the status bar, in which the system icons are drawn on top of Status's content, creating an unusable mess.

It may be possible to add Android O compatibility to Status by disabling the icon features by default and optionally granting Status permission through ADB to disable most of the system icons, allowing Status to display its own “underneath” without interfering. However, combined with the much stricter background restrictions and Play Store requirements, this is more work than I am willing to undertake at the moment.

Android Marshmallow (6.0+)

Android Marshmallow introduced some more severe background limits, and may kill some of Status’s services arbitrarily if it is not: