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This repository contains all of the CSS styles used throughout my site. I generally use a submodule that pulls from the css branch of this repository in each of my projects. This ensures that simply updating the css in this repository cannot break anything; I must update the submodule in each repository before the changes are applied.


At the suggestion of a friend, I have decided to adopt the Block Element Modifier naming convention in order to help organize my css more efficiently. In order to prevent this from becoming a cluttered mess, I am also using SCSS (Sassy CSS) to split sets of styles into individual files for each element.


I am currently working on documenting all of the existing styles, as well as enforcing some kind of consistency between class names. The current documentation (and examples) are available at As I am generally lazy at documenting things, some of the text and explanations are crude and not very well written. I hope to improve on this in the future, but until then it serves its general purpose.

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